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Nutritional Formulation of Dairy, Swine, and Poultry Rations

We use a sophisticated computer program that can optimize rations for cost and meet the nutritional requirements of today's high performing animals. With a variety of ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and brand name supplements available, we can address specific goals in your nutritional program.

Sacked Feed Delivery

We can bring the feed or hay to you. Our bobtail fleet covers the North Bay Area. Each truck is capable of delivering up to 6 tons of sacked feed or hay. Each day of the week we serve a different region of the North Bay:

Monday: Point Reyes, Olema, Marshall
Tuesday: Petaluma, Two Rock, Penngrove, Sebastopol
Wednesday: Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park
Thursday: Napa, Vallejo
Friday: Sonoma, Lakeville

Don't see your community on the list? Give us a call to see if we serve your area. Our delivery fees are weight based. We have a minimum freight charge up to one ton, and pro-rate beyond that point. Call for specific rates.

Bulk Feed Delivery

Is Bulk Feed Right for Me?
Can I use a minimum of 2 tons per week? (for rolled grain mixes), 1 ton per week for pelleted feed.
Do I have a waterproof upright bin that will hold more than 4 tons?
Can a semi truck get to the feed bin site? (No low tree branches, weatherproof driveway, room for the truck to turn around.)

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, we would be happy to deliver a four-ton or larger order to your facility.

Drop Shipped Feed Commodities

Large livestock operations with the ability to mix rations on farm can take advantage of our buying power to get individual ingredients shipped directly to the farm in 24 ton lots. Some of the ingredients available include:
Almond Shells
Almond Hulls
Alfalfa Cubes
Alfalfa Hay
Canola Meal Pellets
Corn Germ Meal
Cottonseed, Whole
Cotton seed, Cracked
Pima Dried Distillers Grains
Mill Run
Rice Bran
Rice Hulls
Rolled Barley
Rolled Corn
Soybean meal

Custom Bagging

We do private labeling for companies who need our unique quality processes. Call us for custom bagging minimums and rates.

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